Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today was bizarre. Simply bizarre. My list of sales was so long yet they pretty much all sucked. Jane's friend Melissa tagged along with us. We figured since she's moving to Louisiana in a week she shouldn't pose too much of a threat. Not a problem. Nothing to be had. Nada!
Our first stop was a church (and you know I love these!) but all I found was a painting of a lighthouse. It's signed by 'Jason' so I'm sure it will be highly sought after at Southeby's someday. The next ten it seemed like were all kid's shit and clothes. Why? Why?
It appeared all we were doing was driving around and having girl talk this morning. In the midst of our Chatty Cathy Hour however, we did see a woman in a babushka and a long immigrant-esque frock running- make that sprinting down a busy street. I'd say she was Russian but I don't want you to think I'm paranoid about the Soviets or anything. I'm sure they're all lovely vodka drinking folk. What's crazy about her dashing about was that we had passed her by quite a bit and then Melissa finally said, "What the hell was that?" That's when the scene struck us as odd. Melissa must think we always see foreigners on the move early Saturday morning. (I hope Jason Bourne wasn't on her tail! He'd better have had a scope, though. She could have given Marion Jones a run for her money even WITH the enhancement drugs!!)
Back to saling...really, the whole day sucked and it hurts to relive it. I did score a good, sturdy chair, a cabinet, an Atlas jar with lid and a 'Safe Seal' jar with lid (never saw that name before), a doll crib and my fav of the day......a germicidal disinfectant jar that a barber would put combs in the mystery blue liquid but I think I'll put straws in because nothing says 'have a nice refreshing drink at my house' like one served beside a germicidal disinfectant jar!
Several of my friends have commented on this blog about my perhaps being a hoarder. I'm starting to think they could very well be right. If they were any friends at all, though, they'd get me the professional help I need! Maybe next week I can buy some new friends for a buck! (Well......maybe 50 cents.) Maybe the Babushka Babe needs a friend. I'd better gas up before I go looking for her. She could be in Maryland by now!! Maybe I could introduce her to The Russian and he wouldn't have to (insert accent) 'go back to his country'! Oh, I'm gonna have so much fun with my new BFF! See ya, Jane!