Saturday, November 13, 2010

Russian Delights, The Antique 80's and a Yearning for an Indian Girl

I'm sure Jane will be delighted (her daughter had yet another 7:30am soccer game and could not go hunting) as today was no great victory for Team YSM. I guess after last week I was expecting another packed van of goodies but no. I never even had to lift the hatch to the back of the van. (Sigh!)

My first stop was a 6:30 sale (which I love because seriously, what other freak is up that early?) but this one was a let down. The gal had a great old secretary desk but she wanted $75 for it. I would have paid maybe $30 so to the next stop I went.

This one was at a church but it was only 3 tables of Christmas stuff. I thoroughly looked through all the bins for vintage ornaments and such but all I left with was a set of 4 Santa Matryoshka dolls. Most would just call them nesting dolls but one of the random people I met while backpacking the Czech Republic in my former life was an American girl of Russian descent who insisted we trek through many a shops to score some of these early wooden weeble wobble prototypes because Prague was the closest she was going to get to her native land on this trip. I honestly can't remember if we ever made the score but I do remember she also insisted that we go see the Infant of Prague which, being a heathen, I had no idea who he was. Even seeing the little guy in that little church was less than spectacular but now whenever I see any I.O.P. statues (which by the way are always really tasteful!), I think of the fond times I shared with what's her face. To think if I was on one train later I might not have such tales to tell. Good Heavens! I might not have discovered the Hell beer for 30 cents a 40oz! No, one must be certain that some great moments in history could never be altered!

OK, back to the New World. Stop three was a kid's-shit-drive-by. Number four looked as though it might be the same but something made me get out and I'm glad I did because I got 30 or so Power Ranger figures for my son for Christmas for $2! I think these are about $8 each so a mighty fine find indeed! Luckily, unlike my daughter who quote, "likes things with instructions" aka 'new in a box,' my four year old still loves any ol' crap that I give him. Why do they have to grow up?

Next up was a freestyle but all I got was a step stool. Have I mentioned before that they sell like crazy with a coat of paint? Go figure. I also wanted a table top vanity but she wanted $10 for it because she said "it's very old." I don't think the late 70's/early 80's qualify for 'very old' just yet. Then again, if she were right, I could retire early with my collection of antique smurfs and Cabbage Patch Kids. I wonder what Southeby's could get for my Wham! cassettes. And not just the one with the classic Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go but their first contribution to the art word with Bad Boys on it. Mother of God! Start the bidding!!!!!!!!
(Incidentally, I saw The Nemesis driving away from this sale with a ton of furniture in his truck. It was only 7:05!!!!! How! How does he do it??????)

My next sale was where I scored my fav of the day; an old magazine rack. I really love that it sits higher off the ground than most. Look. Like I said, today was no great win! What I also loved about this sale was that some of the neighbors had gathered and busted out some of the trivial pursuit cards that were up for sale. I felt badly because I only offered her half of what she was asking for the rack but jeez I wanted in on that game! It might have been worth a couple of bucks to sit in on a round. In life, you don't always get second chances. My trivia ship had sailed away. (Sigh #2)

Up next I was headed to the only other neighborhood I fear more than Pine Valley for the possibility of getting lost for several hours and that's the almost forbidden Glenn Meade!!!! Almost. With a half of a month old water bottle and the likelihood of even older Cheerios behind the car seats, I braved the uncharted land. There were two sales to conquer and the first had many signs for easy navigation, much to a salers delight. The second however, I was not so lucky. There I was, embarking on new ground much like Lewis and Clark but without Sacajawea (Do I even have my history right? I don't know but you get the idea.) I was about to panic when I saw this little old lady who we always see driving around in her little grey Ford Escort. She was going to the sale I had just left but it was better than roaming the forest alone. From there I asked the home owners how to escape their Glenn Meade Triangle and alas I was safe. I had to scratch the second sale altogether and therefore, nothing was purchased at either of these sales but I live to tell the tale. Priceless!

After my close encounter with death, I hit two more drive-bys. I think I was just too shaken up to stop the van. Finally, I did get the nerve to get out and I scored a cheesy painting in a terrific frame.

On my way home, I hit a freestyle and got a not so great washboard. The writing is almost entirely faded and I probably should have passed but I didn't. And there you have it. On a scale of 1 to 10, probably a 2 but hey, I went to a church sale yesterday and it was a 5. Together, not a bad week. Next Saturday will be right before my birthday and I believe the Gods will grant me their gifts like last year when I got an old tobacco basket that I had been looking for for YEARS for $5!!!! I guess I can wait. (Sigh #3)

Friday, November 12, 2010