Saturday, November 13, 2010

Russian Delights, The Antique 80's and a Yearning for an Indian Girl

I'm sure Jane will be delighted (her daughter had yet another 7:30am soccer game and could not go hunting) as today was no great victory for Team YSM. I guess after last week I was expecting another packed van of goodies but no. I never even had to lift the hatch to the back of the van. (Sigh!)

My first stop was a 6:30 sale (which I love because seriously, what other freak is up that early?) but this one was a let down. The gal had a great old secretary desk but she wanted $75 for it. I would have paid maybe $30 so to the next stop I went.

This one was at a church but it was only 3 tables of Christmas stuff. I thoroughly looked through all the bins for vintage ornaments and such but all I left with was a set of 4 Santa Matryoshka dolls. Most would just call them nesting dolls but one of the random people I met while backpacking the Czech Republic in my former life was an American girl of Russian descent who insisted we trek through many a shops to score some of these early wooden weeble wobble prototypes because Prague was the closest she was going to get to her native land on this trip. I honestly can't remember if we ever made the score but I do remember she also insisted that we go see the Infant of Prague which, being a heathen, I had no idea who he was. Even seeing the little guy in that little church was less than spectacular but now whenever I see any I.O.P. statues (which by the way are always really tasteful!), I think of the fond times I shared with what's her face. To think if I was on one train later I might not have such tales to tell. Good Heavens! I might not have discovered the Hell beer for 30 cents a 40oz! No, one must be certain that some great moments in history could never be altered!

OK, back to the New World. Stop three was a kid's-shit-drive-by. Number four looked as though it might be the same but something made me get out and I'm glad I did because I got 30 or so Power Ranger figures for my son for Christmas for $2! I think these are about $8 each so a mighty fine find indeed! Luckily, unlike my daughter who quote, "likes things with instructions" aka 'new in a box,' my four year old still loves any ol' crap that I give him. Why do they have to grow up?

Next up was a freestyle but all I got was a step stool. Have I mentioned before that they sell like crazy with a coat of paint? Go figure. I also wanted a table top vanity but she wanted $10 for it because she said "it's very old." I don't think the late 70's/early 80's qualify for 'very old' just yet. Then again, if she were right, I could retire early with my collection of antique smurfs and Cabbage Patch Kids. I wonder what Southeby's could get for my Wham! cassettes. And not just the one with the classic Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go but their first contribution to the art word with Bad Boys on it. Mother of God! Start the bidding!!!!!!!!
(Incidentally, I saw The Nemesis driving away from this sale with a ton of furniture in his truck. It was only 7:05!!!!! How! How does he do it??????)

My next sale was where I scored my fav of the day; an old magazine rack. I really love that it sits higher off the ground than most. Look. Like I said, today was no great win! What I also loved about this sale was that some of the neighbors had gathered and busted out some of the trivial pursuit cards that were up for sale. I felt badly because I only offered her half of what she was asking for the rack but jeez I wanted in on that game! It might have been worth a couple of bucks to sit in on a round. In life, you don't always get second chances. My trivia ship had sailed away. (Sigh #2)

Up next I was headed to the only other neighborhood I fear more than Pine Valley for the possibility of getting lost for several hours and that's the almost forbidden Glenn Meade!!!! Almost. With a half of a month old water bottle and the likelihood of even older Cheerios behind the car seats, I braved the uncharted land. There were two sales to conquer and the first had many signs for easy navigation, much to a salers delight. The second however, I was not so lucky. There I was, embarking on new ground much like Lewis and Clark but without Sacajawea (Do I even have my history right? I don't know but you get the idea.) I was about to panic when I saw this little old lady who we always see driving around in her little grey Ford Escort. She was going to the sale I had just left but it was better than roaming the forest alone. From there I asked the home owners how to escape their Glenn Meade Triangle and alas I was safe. I had to scratch the second sale altogether and therefore, nothing was purchased at either of these sales but I live to tell the tale. Priceless!

After my close encounter with death, I hit two more drive-bys. I think I was just too shaken up to stop the van. Finally, I did get the nerve to get out and I scored a cheesy painting in a terrific frame.

On my way home, I hit a freestyle and got a not so great washboard. The writing is almost entirely faded and I probably should have passed but I didn't. And there you have it. On a scale of 1 to 10, probably a 2 but hey, I went to a church sale yesterday and it was a 5. Together, not a bad week. Next Saturday will be right before my birthday and I believe the Gods will grant me their gifts like last year when I got an old tobacco basket that I had been looking for for YEARS for $5!!!! I guess I can wait. (Sigh #3)


  1. Everyone - say a prayer for the infidel....
    get on your knees girl - the IOP's birthday is fast approaching and if you don't want to go to hell you'd better be more reverent!
    or maybe just light a candle somewhere (now I'm going to hell). See y'all there. Hope they have yards sales there, too....maybe some Matryoshka dolls, if "what's her face" left any to be had.

  2. Hey when you start the bidding for the Wham cassettes, I'll want to GO GO.