Saturday, July 23, 2011

Biggie Smalls, Flat Juniors and Old Hollywood Glamour

Ok, it's Sunday afternoon but I'm finally able to to give you my play-by-play of yesterday's adventures. I'm just so busy, dah-lings! You must understand!

So! Saturday morning...... hmmmm......let's's coming back to me.......yes! My first stop looked great from the street but they over paid for their crap initially so they wanted innocent yard salers to do the same. Folks, no end table on your lawn at 6:45 in the morning should ever, ever be $75! Nor should a cheesy mirror from Home Goods or Target ever be $45 even if it does have made-to-look-old door knobs on them. Ugh! It wasn't a total loss though. I did walk away with some fabric that will be sure to come in handy with my chair fetish. Enabler!!!

Next up was one of those yard sale moments when I think I want to die loving what I do I just don't want it to be today. My blue Toyota Sienna minivan had no business being that deep into the hood.....and yet I kept going. Even after a road block! There was a yard sale sign showing me how to get around it, in my defense. It's not like a gangsta was going to be hosting a yard sale with Biggie cd's and some do rags, right? Actually, a Biggie cd would have been an improvement to the crap they had. They did have two vintage cameras that were really different but she wanted $25 a piece for them! I had to be her only customer all day. How she let me and my $5 bill get away, I have do idea. Her loss.

Sadly, while escaping the hood, I did pull over and inspect a pile of trash in hopes that the table in the middle was worthy of shabbitization but the amount of urine on the mattresses beside it made me get back into my car with not one souvenir from the potentially urban disaster zone.

After that, because I'm clearly not politically correct and was punished for it, I completely drove past my next sale and you guessed it....into another hood. This time I had the sense to turn around and I found the street after all. At this sale, I bought two canvases for my daughter the 'painter' and a kinda cool t-shirt with a Kellogg's motif written in Japanese. Usually juniors clothes don't fit me or my rack so this was truly a find (even if I only wear it to run in!).

With my luck turned around, my next sale awarded me a fantastic large, long painting of a vase of flowers atop a table which sounds blah blah but there's something artsy about it and for $5, it made my whole morning!! Also, because it's a day and a half later, I am happy to report that it looks amazing hanging in my bedroom!!!! (I could also report that I felt like a hunter returning home to the village with [her] latest kill because the yard salers just arriving to that sale were all admiring my score with immense envy!!! [I don't how how you would spell a 'grunt sound' but please insert that now.....make it two!!!])

Moving on.......(with my showy plume of feathers in their full glory!)......I then went to a sale and bought not only a cheddar glass fish (for resale), an equally cheddar carved bear table (also for resale), a pungent foreign cheese lamp (do I even have to say it?) but also a rug for my bathroom! Ok, so it wasn't all that great but any time I'm at a sale and I have to make a second trip back to my van, it's worthy of some excitement!

So, that's a wrap! All in all, I had a pretty good morning, right? But wait! There's more! (I hope you just read that in your best Billy Mays voice [RIP]). So..... I came home and was supposed to meet my friend so I had a sitter but low and behold my friend was running late so I went back out and got a cute bracelet for moi, an easily sellable fish painting and a new purse that the gal said she brought back from Africa and never used! What a day!

Well, I hope this edition was worth the wait. I thought it would feel flat because I'm not riding my junk high but just thinking about all my goodies brought my buzz right back! I might start doing this Friday nights! Oooooo but then I might get too excited and not be able to sleep and then who knows what that would do to my saling mind in the morning. Yes, I think I'll make this the exception but ya never know dah-lings, (please read the following in your best Joan Crawford voice) I could very well have other social requirements of me that could keep us away again next Saturday morn! Ta ta for now!!!! (End raspy old Hollywood imitation....or keep it going. I think I might!)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finds That Have Found a Home in Mi Casa (Happy, Niki?)

Ok, From top to bottom.....

My new plant perched atop my new column on my back porch.

New Post Office Sorting Boxes in the far right lower corner of my dining room.

New table where my kid's old bench used to be (Noah's Ark Bench in Shabby Blue can be found at Northrop's in Southport, NC! [See earlier posts]).

Old Painted Carved Bird (which I still don't have a better description for!) over a bed in my spare room.

And lastly, a picture of my purdy plant on top of this great old shabby column on my back porch!!!!

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