Sunday, September 18, 2011

Catamarans, Hurricanes and a Small Favor

As you can see, although you have not heard from me in a month, I have been quite busy. I've been through two hurricanes, a catamaran trip through the BVIs and STILL have managed to acquire some moth ridden treasures!

The pics (from bottom to top) are of the Coral Dreams catamaran that I boarded with hubby and some new friends to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary in the British Virgin Islands, next is an old kitchen cabinet that I'm seeing as a bench (but sometimes not seeing and thinking,'what the hell did I buy?') which I scored from a thrift store, pics of a chair (from the same thrift store) which I will pair with some old fabric from a previous yard sale and some green paint that I think will compliment it perfectly that I also used on this frame ('after' pics to come) and the last three pics are from yesterday's saling adventures. Sorry this is the first I'm getting to chat with ya'll but a tee ball scrimmage and THREE birthday parties know how it is........quit yer bitchin!

SO!!! Turns out the weatherman was wrong again. Yesterday morning had a 70% chance of rain but since I so wanted to sleep didn't. Two of my first three sales were cancelled due to rain (ha!) and the other one just stunk! So there I was at 7 am with no other sales on my list until 8am. Luckily I was equipped with my fancy new iPhone and I was able to find a sale I had previously discarded due to proximity. It also stunk but I did purchase two pairs of pants for my growing baby boy for 50 cents. It wasn't much but it picked up my spirits just enough to keep saling!

With a skip in my step, I arrived early to an 8 o'clock sale and wouldn't you know.....I struck yard sale gold! First, I scored on old Coke crate then four rare, old bottles (man, I love these!)!! The bottles are by Brownie; "Taste The Difference," Bubble Up; "Pure Pleasure...a kiss of lemon and lime," TruAde (no claim to fame but labeled "Not Carbonated") and finally Sun Crest which lets the pop connoisseur know that, "This Bottle Designed for YOUR Convenience Clearly Revealing its Refreshing Contents.....Know What You Drink." I'm not sure what that even means but such a mystery makes this bottle one of my new favorites!! At the same sale, I also bought an ugly wooden tray (to shabbitize), thirty white vintage porcelain knobs and get this.......for my hideous kitchen cabinet..........not one but two sets of rusty old casters to choose from for it's base!!!!!!! I ask the Yard Sale Gods and they givith!!!!!! I am not worthy!!! My vision of that monstrosity is really shaping up!!! A salvaged 1950's kitchen cabinet on the floor is ugly but a 1950's kitchen cabinet on that's art!!!!

So, high from that sale, I moved on to the next only to score a beautiful vintage table cloth with a chicken border in a fab hue of red, two vintage hand towels made by Georges Briard (highly collectible) and last but not least (insert drum roll....) TWO big boxes of vintage Christmas ornaments with their original boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Please say the following in your best Billy Mays voice....) but wait.......there's more! I bought them for $2!!!!!!!!!!!! There has to be fifty of them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, God and of course baby Jesus for being born so I could love vintage Christmas so much!!! To think I wanted to sleep in that morning!!!!

Well, after that I was on my way home but stumbled on a freestyle and bought a colorful kids book from 1967 on Things to Make and Do. I was so excited because it would be perfect to decoupage something with!!!! Luckily, I looked away from my new gem long enough to notice a woman looking at some jeans and a glimmer of dreamy oak caught my eye. Sure enough underneath all of that denim was a stunning old teacher's desk! It's truly beyond beautiful!!! And only $20!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a perfect end to a great day back!!! Well....getting it in the van with the rest of my finds was less than perfect especially since I was now officially late to take my boy to tee ball but blah, blah, blah! It's home and my son didn't even notice our less than punctual arrival to the field! Jeez Louise, life is good!!! I could sure go for a nice refreshing bottle of non carbonated TruAde right about now! Oh well, maybe next week!

I hope you enjoyed today's installment of TYSM. Now I need a favor from you (yes, YOU!) I'm applying for the master's program at UNCW in creative nonfiction and I need your comments. Feel free to tell me I suck but I probably won't summit that. In fact, why don't you go ahead and embellish just a tad and I'll just happen to erase this little paragraph like it never even happened. Last year four hundred applied but only eight got in. Help a girl out, won't you???? I can't huff paint forever!!!!!!!!


  1. Well, of course,you should get your masters in nonfiction writing. I read you column every week and LOVE IT!! It's amusing, enlightening, and damn good. You write in the style of Irma Bombeck and Celia Riverbark---not to mention Mark twain,.

    Good luck

  2. When did yardsaling become such a riotous romp? Clever, caustic and comedic, you have me laughing out loud every weekend. I not only enjoy your adventures but your passion for all things vintage has me rooting for your finds. I know that some weeks yield better finds but what I find so refreshing is your wit. I live in Kansas and I find you not only a classic but funny as hell too! Keep writing Mama, I love it!

  3. Love the blog! Girl, you call 'em like you see 'em and that is what I love about the way you write. your personality comes out in every word you write. You are doing what you love! Keep up the humor and amazing writing!

  4. UNCW will be a better place when you join their Grad program. Your wit is waiting to be shared with students and Professors alike. I read your blog and your humor has me in stitches. When an individual has numerous life experiences to draw from their creativity reaches a deeper dimension. You are ready to get it on the page, the creative non-fiction program is a great vehicle to transport you from Motherhood to Writer. I can't wait for you to sign a copy of your first published book, nothing is stopping you now.

  5. I have always hoped you would publish your blogs - very few people are blessed with your incredible saling vision and total smart-ass attitude. I can picture every character and treasure you run across on your morning hunts. The titles alone make me laugh out loud, but your encounters are priceless (hey, I can do that pun thing too!).