Saturday, September 24, 2011

Poor Meteorology, Zanax and Padded Cells

What a morning! Damn weatherman said there was going to be an 80% chance of rain this morning so I almost.....almost......opted to sleep in and call it a loss. Luckily, right before bed, I decided to set the alarm anyway and make my call in the a.m. and what a stupendous decision that was!!!!

My first sale I didn't realize until I was almost there that I had just been to the week before and bought nothing. Since I was a block away I figured I would give it a go anyway. Low and behold they had a bunch more stuff and I got a great old milk jug in a great old rusty green! I think I'll be swapping out my great old rusty brown one!!

Next on my list was at the old Armory. I resisted going because they charge a buck to get in and that infuriates me but reluctantly I went.!!!! The line to get in had to be two hundred people deep! I almost turned around because I didn't want the sloppy seconds of the entire town! I mean....what would be left? The answer was PLENTY!!!!! Now granted it was the kind of sale that I really should be prescribed zanax for but since I made it out without a breakdown let me tell you the treasures I found...!!! (I'm so giddy!!!!) First off I scored a Scrabble game (it gets better) then I bought a wooden letter holder that's in the shape of an old telephone (can't wait to paint it!) then I bought a glazed clay swordfish (will sell in a heartbeat!) then I bought an ugly painting (but the frame is divine!) then I bought an amazing old wooden birdcage (that everyone was admiring as I was walking around) and lastly I bought a vintage cocktail shaker (the real deal too...not the Pottery Barn replica!)!!!! Hellooooooo Score City!!!! I just added in my head my profit of just this sale and after the $13.25 that I spent, I should make $126.75!! And that's for maybe an hour's worth of work all together!! Oh wait....I spent a buck to get in.....make that $125.75. Still kills me!!! Let it go, Chrissy! Let it go!

Ok, so next I went to a sale where the people had to think I was on something. I walked up like I was going to rob them. I was just so cracked out from the Armory that I was still in crazy person mode. I only scored a vintage Canada tea towel (which is fabulous!) and I know they were happy to see me leave!

By my fourth sale I was slightly more pulled together. I bought a great large old galvanized metal handmade tool box and a vintage french fry cutter (with none other than a red handle!!). I was debating getting an old ashtray with a rifle for the handle that I thought I could chuck the ashtray and paint......and......maybe a candy dish........and..........but I didn't. I think I made the right call.

From there I went to another fantastic sale in the backyard of a great old house downtown where I truly wanted everything but I refrained and was sensible and only bought an A&W mug (my boy loves root beer!), two lobster glasses (to add to the two other ones I bought at the beginning of the summer), a great petite double boiler enamelware pot with a red rim (to go with my ever growing collection!), seventeen vintage postcards (to go with yet another ever growing collection) and a kick ass parlour table that painted will be off the charts!! It has so many ridges and turns that it was made for shabbitization!!! I'm in the money!!!

Well, after that I had completely run out of time and was forced to head home. I was just one block from my house and wouldn't you know it.....a yard sale! I got a wooden bench/plant stand and an old beveled mirror with my very last dollars!!! What an morning!!!! I could never sleep again if they could all be like this!!! Simply perfection! Well....all but the part where I almost....almost needed the padded room. Then again I could decorate the shit out of a padded room! All that white! I could go anywhere with that bank canvas. I think it would have to be 1950's postmodern. Yes! Chrome would look amazing in an insane asylum, don't ya think? (Be careful. If you're coming with me!!)

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  1. Rise, race and SCORE! By the way your ROI for the buck spent to get in for $125 potential sales is better then the economy is doing! As for the Xenax, nah, not you Mama. One must keep a clear head so as not to grab a blue handled kitchen gizmo.
    Keep truckin' Mama, I see a plenty of red handles in you yard treks. How much can I buy that kitchen gizmo for anyway!