Saturday, May 28, 2011

Naivety, Torture and Madness

I tell you what......I had a great freakin' morning!!! My route was nice and smooth, I spent next to nothing, I scored some smokin' finds AND I heard some blast from the past music along the way! To think I was praying for rain last night so I could sleep in!!!

So, as luck would have it, although I went to bed late (while honoring Rule #1 mind you!), I woke up at 4:30. I wanted to go back to sleep but I was too afraid I'd go into a deep sleep and not want to sale. Not to worry. I pretty much tossed and turned and stared at the dust covered ceiling fan (really should do something about that) and passed the time away. By 6 I couldn't stand it anymore and began getting ready. I felt like an ass showing up to my first sale that was advertised for 7 at 6:25 but luckily they were setting up and welcomed me with open arms. I got a so-so end table that has great detail and will shabbitize like a champ, a tall bread box that will also have the good fate of my prior find and a completely useless small metal table that has holes drilled in it but what makes it so special is it has four fantastic rusty casters on it that will look amazing on the legs of my coffee table! I've been looking for these for weeks and voila! I can't say I've ever had that much fun before 6:30 a.m!

My next sale equally welcomed their early bird but unfortunately the lady was much too fond of her stuff and had her crap priced insanely high. She did have a great pair of old little kid's roller skates (you know the metal kind with the key!! [with red wheels no less!!!]) that Jane would have just loved but she wanted $12 for them! Twelve dollars!!!! I was a player at one dollar maybe two because it's Jane's birthday soon but sorry dear friend......they're at the corner of Chestnut and 24th if you want them! What the hell?

My next sale was a bit creepy. The house was set pretty far back and the mother in me said, "bring your phone just in case." In actuality, it's messed up that I didn't think, "get the f*#k out of here." Anyway, I went....armed with my Verizon LG.....but I risked my life for nothin'. I walked away, however, thinking of a very funny early yard sale story with Jane. It was before I was blogging but too nuts not to share now. Well!!! We went to this absolutely beautiful old mansion that's very run down and in a sort of shady part of town (aren't you thinking Stephen King already?) We bought a few things from her but couldn't help telling her how great her house was. She said she lived there for six years but was thinking about putting it on the market. That got us to talking and she said the pantry was her favorite part of the house would we like to see it, so like TOTAL IDIOTS Jane and I not only went in her house but walked in her pantry and so help me God she started to close the door on us!!!!! I'm not making this shit up!!! I made a joke about her murdering us and pushed open the door (with some resistance from her pushing it closed) and we got the hell out of there. We were still laughing about this after we narrowly escaped her dry goods room of doom so it didn't seem unusual that her 'son' (who could have played the Robert De Niro character in Cape Fear) was trying to sell us furniture out of his van parked beside the house. SER-I-OUS-LY!!!!! Jane, when you read this, will you please call me! Even years later, we need to report this! What the hell were we thinking? And what the hell were we laughing about?! It is very rare that I think this....but I'm speechless! ....and of course, laughing. What's wrong with me?!!

Well, how in the hell do I move on from that? Ok, I'm over it. Back to my great finds of the day!

So, next up I went to sale where I scored the coolest vintage Diets Like soda bottle; 'The Diet Drink of Seven-Up Quality'. Man, I LOVE old soda bottles with brands I've never heard of! What a stupendous addition to my collection!!!! If that weren't enough, the folks holding the sale were rocking out to Madness; One Step Beyond!!!!! That's seriously one of my favorite all time records!!! What a treat!!!! (I told you I had a great freakin' morning!)

After that, my streak of good timing came to a halt. I was twenty minutes early to a church sale and you know how punctual church sales are! They didn't open their doors til eight on the dot! That left me with the junker carnies for much too long but I really did talk to the nicest stuttering man so it wasn't so bad. When they finally parted the oak seas (ok, metal in this case), it was a mad rush! This always makes me a little anxious. I scooped up not one but two fantastic old wood barrels and a painting that with a little burst of color on it's frame will have to find a new home somewhere on my over crowded walls. And all this in under three minutes! There may have been more goodies inside but I had to get out of there! Crowds really freak me out! Ironic that I can handle the kitchen closet of death but a room full of scavenging bargain shoppers and I bolt! Well, we can be kind of scary!

Ok, well happy saling to you all! May your treasure chest be plentiful and may you never be bound and shackled while shopping! Enjoy!!!