Saturday, July 17, 2010

Postcards, Huffing Addiction and Overpriced Glasses

I have so much adrenaline rushing right now I'm down right obnoxious! I woke up and just knew it was going to be a great day! Jane on the other hand broke rule #1 last night and did not share my love of life. Despite her lolligagging, however, it was a day yard sale dreams are made of.......well it was better than it's been, anyway.

So, the first sale was da bomb. My 1st purchase was a fabulous old sofa table right out from under the man who organized the 'send-a-youth-to-camp' sale (he was using it to stand behind with his money bin and coffee on it) and after I bought it I heard some of the other do-gooders talking that they couldn't believe he sold it. (Oh but he did!) Next piece de resistance........a whole box, BOX I tell you of vintage postcards!!!!! At first the gal said 5 cents a piece then she went right to 3 for 5 cents so I asked how much the whole box would be and she said,"Oh about $2." I almost had a freakin heart attack! I love, Love, LOVE old postcards! I have a vintage postcard stand in my living room and now my collection has soared to a whole new elevation! Whoever had this collection was quite the world traveller too. Apparently he/she/they went all over the world in the 60's and 70's to places like Tenerife, Gibraltor, Guadalajara (where they also had a souvenir calendar card from '65 in the box as well), Grenada, merry old England and ALL over the US from national parks to a ranch in Wolverine, Michigan (with the dude, Buck's, business card) and Niagra Falls (with a receipt from The Spirit of the Mist '62). Man I'm still so pumped up about that score. Of course I've gone through each and everyone of them and displayed them in my stand already. Dangity dang they look great! You know they collected them their whole lives and their rotten children just sold them to me for the price of a cup of coffee (McDonalds I say; not even close to grande Starbucks frappa-whatever!)! Don't worry Gus and Gert, my brats will do the same to me one day.

So, after that it went downhill a bit. How could it not? Not too bad though. Let's see....after that we went to a school sale and there was crap but I did get 2 old bricks on the side of the road to add to my walkway that I've built one brick at a time (Johnny Cash Cadillac style!). After that I got an almost full gallon of paint in a bright teal that reminds me of the color they use at Maine Cottage that's in all the magazines that are so over priced I can't believe they sell a single thing! Maybe it's all in the color. We'll soon find out. I don't really like using latex though. A) I'm addicted to huffing the spray paint fumes and B) it's just so much more time consuming and messy. Oh well, for a buck it's worth some wrist action and a sober mind.

Ummm next....OH! Next we went to a sale in a fancy neighborhood which I always hate because they're usually packed with grubs and their shit is WAY overpriced. Well! Such was the case with this one indeed. I've been known to break a wine glass or 2 (because seriously- whoever thought to give a drinker a top heavy glass?!) and this whore had 2 odd glasses and when I asked how much she said $1 a piece! Are you freakin kidding me?! To that I mumbled something about them being that at the store and slammed them down. I'm not sure why it aggravated me so but lordy did it ever. Wouldn't you know, though, the very next sale had 4 for $1. That's more like it. You know I wanted to drive past My-Shit-Don't-Stink's house and flail out the window with my score. I didn't but I wanted to. Still want to!

Ok, so then I got a cheesy book for The Great Sabbatical, a pair of goggles for my younger brat, a scrabble game, a great vintage apron, 2 funky costume necklaces and a super cool old flag of Panama from a super cool lady who lived there in the 60's. We have a condo being built in Panama City but since it's taking FOREVER the flag will probably find it's way into my son's surfer room till he goes off to college and the place is finally done. I really dig it though! I freakin need a bigger house! Come on Panamanian builder men. Trabajo! Mama needs another crib to fill!