Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some of the Mama's Pics from this Winter's Saling

I have been away for far too long but I'm afraid you will have to wait yet another week as I am off in a few for yet another birthday party for my kids to attend. I have uploaded some pics for y'all to see that I haven't been neglecting my saling....just my blogging, regretfully.

1) Today's fabulous finds

2) Today's signed and numbered print of a pelican already matched with a frame from a prior yard sale (paint color yet to be determined) and beside it, a pillow I made with my friend, Marie's, help who I'm sure you'll see her work in town soon as she is so talented!

3) Finds from a few Saturdays ago

4) The jumbo fish on fabric already scooped up and released in my son's room

5) A window I made with the fabric I purchased at a sale from that day

6) My newly minimalized (well...for me) book shelf with homemade chalkboard paint (mix one cup paint with 2 Tablespoons unsanded grout)

7) A Union Jack bench in the kids' bathroom from a purchase many moons ago

8) A super cool 1950's rack bought at the Salvation Army that my daughter has claimed

9) A gorgeous oil painting from a few months ago coupled with a frame from a few months before that. The setting reminds me so much of Samara Costa Rica pictured in #10

10) Said picture of my kids getting surf lesson from the hunky tico, Frank, in Samara