Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here it goes.....

I'm a junkie. Yardsales. I go every saturday morning. Sometimes I go fridays and sundays too but they don't give me the fix I need. Usually I go with my friend, Jane. She's a junkie too. It never fails, when I return home from my adventures, I'm ambushed by neighbors and asked, "What'd you get this time?" Inevitably, once they're all oozing with jealousy, one of them will say, "You should write a blog!" So, here it goes.....

This morning I embarked alone. Jane's husband had to do an event for work so she was forced to watch her kids instead of hunting. My husband also works saturdays but I have until 8:30 (which I always push to 8:40 or more; maybe they'll fire him and I could yardsale all day!!!) Sorry, forgive me. A girl can dream.
So, there I am at 6:45 this morning. Most sales start at 7 and ALL sales request, "No earybirds, please!" Whatever. So, my first stop was an inside yardsale ( I love these!!) but not this time. All kid's stuff (take that shit to goodwill, people!!). Next was a driveby (you know, not good enough to stop for). My 3rd spot I passed and almost didn't turn around for. Thank goodness I did. It was the mac daddy!!! I scored an old trunk in perfect condition, an old table (needs a little love but she'll be fantabulous when I'm done!) and a cheesy half boat with shelves (you know the ones, they're everywhere but they sell really well to people with no taste).
Did I mention I sell some of my treasures? I do. I rent a space in an antique mall with Jane and my mother (senior junkie). I also consign my bigger items with a local antique store (but cringe when I have to pay their 40%). Back to my morning.....
So, now I'm pumped up! It's only 7:05 and I have to dump (bring shit home to open up room in my van). The next hour (and about 10 yardsales) were a buzz kill. I did get 2 old stools, a pair of silver-plated salad tongs, a game of scrabble (you wouldn't belive how often I use those letters on my projects!) and a beautiful old, etched glass mirror. (The lady I bought the mirror from was sooo embarrassed about the dust that was on it. She must be a clean freak! Life's too short for that shit!!) Then I went to a community yardsale.
Sometimes these are good but sometimes they can be too crowded and stress me out. Not to mention, this neighborhood was newer and they usually don't have the good shit (too much partical board and Walmart decor) but this one did me right! The first few families had only shit that they should have thrown out years ago. They were driveby's. I slowed down for a surfboard that had some potential but then decided against it. Just beyond him was an old guy (LOVE old people's shit!!!!!!) and an old oak child's chair.
I have to come clean now. I have a chair fettish. I had 23 people over for Thanksgiving and it wasn't a problem. I could have had each one of their entire graduating senior classes and it wouldn't have been a problem either. I just love lone chairs needing a friend. What can I say?

Anyway....after I bought the chair I don't need, I spotted a great old wooden picnic basket but a lady got there before me and was walking away swinging her new find with a big smile on her face. Whore. Behind her and her stench trail, however, was a old, hand-carved wooden bowl, a vintage wooden ice cream maker and my piece de resistance.....a vintage 3 tiered Tom's Peanuts display shelf in my favorite color RED!!!!! Oooo Nelly!! When I get shit that I know I can resell and make some money off of, it makes me happy. When I get shit that I can put in my already ridiculously overcrowded house, it makes me so happy I could pee! Will I put guest towels on my new Tom's shelves? Will I put wii games? Bills? The options are limitless!!! I love stuff!!!! And I really love old stuff!!!!
Ahhh..... so I'm back in my van with the phone buzzing because hubby is late for his pesky job and needs me home to do that mom business. I make one more stop (What? He's already late!) and I score a great low, large table. She ain't pretty yet but should fetch me some bills when she's beautified. All in all, a good day at the office.

Tune in next week to hear more about my adventures and my wonderful (albeit rusty) treasures.

Yardsale Mama


  1. I love it!!!!! Way to go can I send it somewhere to go public? I love it!! cant wait till next week, better than a soap opera. wish i was there, maybe when i come visit i can have a guest spot...hahaahh love you xoxxo your favorite mother-in-law....(oh no)

  2. Love it! Inspiring and makes me wanna shop till I drop at your place! xxx
    x Anouk