Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mallards, Kryptonite and a Funny Odor

The Yard Sale Gods were on my side this morn. It poured all night only to let up at 6:30 then a mere mist during the festivities (which I love; makes me feel all one with nature and April fresh) then back to dark skies as the sales commenced. Part of me did fantasize last night as the thunder was rolling that I could sleep in but, really? Would I have slept in? Negatory. Anyway, great day for saling.
First up was a church (can I get a woo woo!). I got (possibly fav of the day right off the bat) an old school desk that's abnormally high and painted white and shabbied up just might not make it out of my house (my very cluttered house- oh well). Also, a complete boy scout camping mess kit with 6 pots and lids and a coffee pot in it's very own boy scout nylon bag! That's a keeper. Might even have 'Happy Father's Day' written all over it. Oh, and a god awful stained mallard print in a tray but again painted white and shabitized with possibly a map in it, might just be a beauty.
The next was at The Shriner's Club (which is as cool as a church!) and there I got a fantabulous old suitcase complete with an old Germany sticker from none other than the region my grandmother was from (I'm obsessed with all things German) so, indeed, a good find! I also bought a terrific old paint-by-numbers lighthouse that really the 'artist' did such a good job that you almost can't tell it's such. I really like the lighting on it too. Reminds me of a Hopper painting (my favorite painter). But as with the first stop, after two great things for mama, I also got a horrific wooden desk organizer but painted perhaps a beachy yellow will have some sellability.
OK, then we were off to only one shit sale before I picked up a BEAUTIFUL old rocker complete with bird shit. Rockers don't sell well but this one will have to be an exception because it's divine. Either that or it will go up to my daughter's room which since it's a large room, it gets all my furniture in limbo. Luckily she's pretty good about mommy also taking stuff away and selling it although I'm sure I'll be paying for it later when she's in therapy for attachment issues. Sorry kid. Oh, and I got a beachy pail there and should I have wanted them, could have had free kittens. One never knows what one could stumble upon at a yard sale. I want to say something now about pussies but I'm trying to keep this as clean as I can so please note I'm trying. Suffering but trying!!!
Moving right along, we then went to a blues bar that previously has had great sales but this one, not so much. Jane got a great old fan (sure to sever a digit if it gets in its way but also the kind that assist with the best, "Luke, who's your father?" impressions). I, on the other hand, got an old metal can which I tried really REALLY hard not to buy since I've over collected these but it has red around the rims! RED!!! You understand, right? Red's my kryptonite! I was helpless under it's spell. Damn you, Evil (pronounced e-veeel) Crimson Power!!!!
Maybe I was still in a fog but the next few sucked. One sale even had a pair of Coach heals (sure that's a high end brand but they sell them at Marshall's now) complete with black foot indentations for (drum roll.....................) $50!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! What kind of delusional world do some of these people live in? IT"S A FUCKING YARD SALE, FREAK!!!!! So, I bought them. Just kiddin! I wear a size 10 and unless we're at a drag queen's house, I'm s.o.l!
Ok, that's a wrap for me. Well, I did buy two skateboard helmets for each of my brats but they fought over who would get which color as soon as I walked in the door and I debated smashing them but I chose to lock myself in here instead. It's awfully quiet out there now. I should really go check if they've killed each other. Or maybe I'll go on facebook for a while and wait for an odor. See ya next week!

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