Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nice Days, Nice Refreshments, Bad Hangovers

Look! Don't lecture me but sometimes you just have to break Rule #1!! When Jane (the yard sale sabotager these days) says,"It's going to be in the 70's today. Let's let the kids play in your backyard and do some day drinking!" How was I going to say no? It's been a very cold, miserable winter and I needed to celebrate the medicinal effects of the sun........and wine. And so we did. Only day drinking blended so nicely into night drinking and next thing I know some awful song was urging me to wake up at 6:30 this morning. You may look down on my inability to 'just say no' but my dedication to saling is unparalleled!!!!!
So, there I was, in my van, with a bunch of illegible chicken scratch that I believe was the route I made last night to charter this morning's journey. I went to the furthest one first but it sucked. There was not one, not two but three freestyles after that but all I scored from those was an art kit (very cool for $2!) and a wii game that my son would tell me is for babies. He just turned five. He would know.
After that, I went downtown to a historic house turned museum and there were so many people on line and the rat bastards made us wait FOREVER to get in but nada! Not true; I got a bust/stand thing that I think you would display your necklaces on but it sucks. Someone will buy it. Hell, I did.
So, I left that disappointment after about a minute. Part of me liked making a point that I was leaving so quickly because they had let me down but I doubt anyone noticed (which was a good thing because even watching me leave out of a parallel parking spot is morbidly embarrassing).
I was really sad at this point. The weather has been beautiful so I've been working on goodies and pumped up to work on more and I thought for sure that everyone would have started spring cleaning and would have plenty to offer me but looks like the rest of my Wilmintonian neighbors opted to enjoy the beautiful day and celebrate other ways. Maybe they opted for the day/night drinking combo too! It's hard to resist!
Ok, I'm not going any further. I drove around a little more only to look at people's crap that I am only to assume has made it to the shelves of the salvation army. Even our poor deserve better!
I really must go replenish my fluids now. Damn you, Jane!!! Damn you!!!!

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