Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mourning a Loss, Front Yard Urinals and Robin Who?

I can't even believe it's been a month since I've written. It's not that I haven't been saling I just have had such jam packed weekends that I've had to rush out the door after I scraped the junk funk off my rummaging hands! I guess that's a good thing but I've missed me recaps with y'all!!!

Where to begin? My brain can't remember beyond the last few hours so I'll have to lock the last couple of weeks in my rusty vault and start with this morning......

I had intended to get up at 6:15. There was a 6 o'clocker but since it was the only one before 7, I
thought I'd get there a little late and enjoy some much needed sleep. As it turned out, my nerves over my baby girl going to sleep-away camp tomorrow had me up every ten minutes. At 5:50 I decided I might as well head out. I never thought there would be many folks at the 6 o'clock sale. Boy was I wrong! I couldn't even get a parking spot at the church and I was there by 6!!!!!!!!! And to make my day (which existed of all of 15 minutes by now) a complete downer, there was a man with a fab-u-lous wall clock already checking out! It was about two and a half feet tall, able to be mounted to a wall but it had two arms that stuck out and held the clock and it swiveled and to boot it said 'IBM' on it! This thing was industrial and wonderful and only $5 and worst of all, it wasn't mine! Damn you, early bird!!!! Ugh! What a way to start my day! I'm still in mourning! I don't know why I'm complaining. I did get a Robin costume for my boy (like anyone wants to be Robin and not Batman.......even his name is girlie!!) and suede-esque water bottle (which was ironic since just last night I talked to my husband's aunt who recommended I get that style for my daughter for camp tomorrow. Now I don't have to go to Walmart which is worth it's weight in gold! But still......).

After that, I just drove like a neglected, red headed step child to my next sale. I got there early and it looked so enticing but of course they made us wait until 7. In that time, I started talking to a women visiting town for a family reunion and I mentioned that I liked a mirror that was in the back corner. Wouldn't you know, when they finally let the horses out of the gate, the filthy w&%$ snaked my mirror!!!!!! Son of a b*^#%!!!!! Must have been a Northerner! Damn Yankee!!! Maybe that's how she does it 'back home'!!! Anyway, I did score a corner shelf, two nice old frames, a basket made out of folded newspaper (reminiscent of the old Juicy Fruit bracelets we made in grade school) and a red clamming basket (with seven ceramic pigs which I believe were actually what were marked $5 on the basket and not the terrific basket but I acted dumb [which is easy with my over processed hair] and I got the whole kit and caboodle for the said $5. I walked away like I got away with something but the pigs are hideous. If I were a better person I would have told her to try and sell the snouted knick knacks but I didn't want to raise any red flags so now they're mine. ALL MINE!!!!!! (I'm sure glad Robin didn't sashay in and stop the crime!)

Next up was a sale at an antique store owner's house. I was disappointed when I recognized him but the sale wasn't bad at all. I got two large, great wooden tiki masks that will look awsomeous in my son's surfer room and a signed watercolor still life that with the right frame will be pretty swell. So, not a bad stop.

I went to eight sales after that and I didn't purchase a single thing. Half the sales were kid's crap, others were overpriced and one smelled so much like a urinal I had to bolt. (That one still has me was no dog, people!!!!) So there ya have it! Somewhat of a let down after all this time but what else were you going to do? Read about Weiner's roaming weiner again? Exactly! I may have been responsible for a hog heist but at least you can tune into The YSM without worrying you're going to be exposed to some lude pictures. This is a classy operation I run! You're welcome!!!

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