Saturday, October 22, 2011

Insomnia, Yard Sale Schutzstaffel and Discolored Toilet Seats

I'M SO EXCITEDDDDD!!!!!! What a morning I had!!! It started crappy because I had insomnia and I woke up at 4:11 and couldn't go back to sleep. But then I remembered that my friend drove by a church yesterday in Hampstead that was setting up for a yard sale and she said it looked like it had some good stuff. I humored her then and said I'd think about it but to drive all the way out to Hampstead and to be there at 6:30am....... I just wasn't a playa'. As it turned out, by 5:45 I couldn't adjust my pillow one single more time so I hit the road. After driving for twenty minutes I was seriously regretting my decision. When I finally got there, it was pitch black, there were tons of people, the gals hosting the sale were Nazis about where they wanted us to enter (I actually got yelled at!!!) and it was much too confusing in their little mouse maze to navigate around. I did score a large wooden doll cradle, some sort of skateboard that my son's been asking for, a great vintage tea towel (that's written partly in German...oh boy!!!), a kinda cool new chicken vase, and lastly a mega cheesy plastic golfer's ice bucket that will unfortunately sell in a heartbeat. I almost left with not of one item, though, because their 'uber efficiency' had people entering and exiting in only one spot and it backed people up at least twenty five deep just to pay!!!! To make matters worse they insisted on writing everyone out a receipt to allow us to leave their camp with proof we had paid! I'm surprised they hadn't scribed "Arbeit Macht Frei" at their gate!!!

Once I had liberated, I drove out of there like a mad woman. I heard someone mention another church sale 'right up the road' but I was stressing I was going to be off my perfectly plotted yard sale route that I had timed with precision. You know what happens when you're just a few minutes late to a yard sale!!!! I was about to scrap it and just head to my #1 but then it appeared. They didn't have much but I bought a huge trio of metal sailboats that will sell so fast it will look like a regatta leaving my shop!!! I also got a great frame with glass that will shabbitize stupendously, a gor-ge-ous painting of cypress trees that I can't wait to paint it's frame and hang somewhere on my own wall and last but definitely not oak toilet seat!!!! Yes, of course I'm serious!!!! You don't understand....the one I have is actually rusted from my son's rotten aim. Not to mention it's an odd spotty yellowish color (No! Not from that!!) from my obsession with bleaching the damn thing. Seriously all you men folk out there.....Just SIT DOWN!!!!!! You don't see us ladies standing on the seat and quasi aiming for the bowl!!!! I mean, sure I've tinkled on my feet and the surrounding area after a couple of potent potables....but I was tipsy....and I feared sitting on the nasty seat! Unless my son's apple juice has fermented.....he really has no excuse!!! (That goes for you too, hubby!!!) Well, anyway, this should buy me a few years before the next seat.

On to the actual first sale on my list...... This was the one I was so excited about!! It was a cub scout sale that they have every year at Wilmington Christain Academy that never disappoints! I thought for sure I was going to see people leaving with their wonderful finds that this late bird couldn't have but the worms were still plentiful!! I bought a fantastic old still life oil painting (that I soooo love!!), a great coffee table and my treasure of the day..... a dresser/mirror combo with carved sailboats and anchors!!! It needs some love but it is beautiful!!! And the best part...she originally wanted $35 but I didn't have that so I kept walking. Then, I went back and asked if I could just buy the mirror. To that she said $20 for just the mirror. I looked in my pocket and I only had $16 left. She saw my sad face and gave them both to me for the $16!!!! Can you believe it???? Man, what a steal!!!

So now I had technically only gone to the first sale on my list and I was broke. Luckily there was a Wells Fargo not far so I replenished my funds. The rest were downhill, however. My last hour only fetched me a 1950's Turner print (that I really only wanted for the frame) and a hand carved Honduras box that I can't wait to give to my half Honduran baby neighbor for Christmas with a coat of fresh paint but's a secret. So, that about wraps it up. It's been a long time since I've come home with a packed van! Now if you'll excuse me...I can't wait to go play with my new goodies! How can a girl get so lucky? A red vintage tea towel and a toilet seat all in one morning!!!! Who needs sleep anyway????

(Oh and I've included another small pic from a thrift run last week so stay tuned for the afters!!)

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