Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rusted Rhythms, Barbie and My Famous Glider

I'll have you know I went to see quite possibly my favorite band of all time last night, Rusted Root, and I had noooo intention of saling this morning but this girl's internal yard saling, Saturday morning clock said, 'Rise and shine, picker!' and so it went. I wasn't in my van until 7:20 but I still managed a few scores.

As luck would have it, there were nine sales all on or just off my street. (Thank you, Yard Sale Gods! Those big cans of PBR last night were not helping my navigation this morn!!) The first few were junk but after all, what kind of worms did I expect when I wasn't the earliest bird? Finally I got to a sale with a bunch of kids crap but fortunately for me I have kids who need crap so I bought two beautiful, fancy dresses and a sparkly shirt for my diva daughter.

After that I went to a few more sales with strictly Salvation Army donations. Really, people! I got up for this???? Fortunately, the gods brought me to my friend, Barbie's sale and my lack of sleep and hangover dehydration were not endured in vain. There I bought two pumpkin head Halloween decorations, a large ghost, a metal owl, a truely scary crow, a metal crow bell, a fleece for my baby boy along with a pair of fireman rain boots, another lava lamp for my diva because the light burned out in her old lava lamp and it's cheaper to replace the lamp than it is the stupid little bulb, a cute little wire Christmas tree and finally an Enchanted Forest game from the 1970's that boasts, 'a treasure hunt for all the family in the land of myths and legends'. How could I resist? Especially when Barbie was piling the stuff in my arms and refusing to take any money for them. I did manage to give her a few bucks but what a deal I got!!! Now we are ready for our Halloween party extravaganza and even our trip to Hilton Head next week (with the fleece and game that is). Thanks, Barbie! I hope you made enough for that dream convertible you always wanted!!! (Think she minds the doll reference that she probably never gets enough of?)

Ok, so after that I bought a wire basket, blah, blah. And yesterday I bought a great wooden quilt rack with sailboats on the sides at a thrift store when we were looking for Halloween costumes. It's so great I had to throw it in today but finally I am giddy to tell all ya'll about my spot on prime time tv!!! Yes, little ol' Yard Sale Mama had her goods on Hart of Dixie on the CW Network!!! Many of my fabulous treasures were showcased but none more so than my white rusty glider that I've hung my yard sale finds on today! Pretty stinkin' cool, right? Now I must Send Me On My Way to bed. The Mama's gettin' a little rusty herself these days!

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  1. I really miss the old yard sale days with you. there never was a dull moment!