Saturday, December 17, 2011

Drugs For Breakfast, Apple Apps and Local Identity Theft

Good morning Yard Sale Mama readers!!!!! I have been away much too long!! I have been out saling but just haven't been able to fit this in. Feels good to be back! We have soooo much to talk about!!!

I must say I wasn't giddy yesterday when the weatherman said our chance of rain overnight went from 70% to 30% and even that was mostly inland. You know I loves me some yard saling but this girl is exhausted!!!! Between Christmas craziness, a sick kid and studying for the GREs (which I took yesterday and I'm tickled to say I didn't do THAT bad considering I haven't had geometry since 1987!!!), I'm just a little burnt out. I reluctantly checked out the listed sales last night and where there are usually over one hundred there were only 27. Of those, there were only seven in my 'hood but I set my alarm for this morning none-the-less.

My first sale was literally around the corner but the losers decided not to have the sale. My second sale also slept in but at least they were setting up....just starting (with kid's crap) so onto number three even though they had advertised a 7:30 sale.

I got there at 7:02 and they were jammin'! Her prices were a bit much but I did score an old, 1980s (damn, did I really just call that old???) Coleman cooler. I can't decide whether it's for The Mama to use as a porch planter next season or to sell. Might just mark it high and let the gods decide. Hell, it would even be cute for storage in my son's room. Decisions, decisions!!!!

Well, at this point it was only 7:06 and my other sales weren't until eight so I got some gas which just so happens to be next to my favorite coffee shop selling jalapeno egg bagels. I swear they're baking some sort of additive into them because I am completely addicted! They're just so warm and fluffy with just the right kick of Mexican goodness!! Oh....I want another one right now!! Damn you, Bagel Basket and your laced carbs!!!!!

So where was I? Ah, yes. So then it was about 7:18 and I had more time to kill. I figured I'd restructure my sales and drive to the furthest sale first. 7:23........Guess I'll play Hanging With Friends on my phone since their stuff wasn't out yet. I seriously can't get enough of this game. What kills me though is that my 'friends' aren't as addicted as I am so I can't make any moves until they do. I have the maximum amount of open games as it will let me but I still plow through my moves in no time at all. I've recently discovered that the larger the words (even if they are more points), the more likely my 'friends' are of solving them just by having more letters and greater odds of picking the right letters. So, Hellolawra, wherever you are and whoever you might be......I'm on to you and you're going DOWN!!!!

Seriously! What the hell am I even talking about this morning??!!!! Ok, so at 7:35 number four finally started to bring their goods out. Wouldn't you know two freaks pull up and get to their lawn before me and snatch a totally cool wood cabinet (already painted!!!) for $10!!!!! To make it worse, he's a 'professional' saler that I see all the time who always asks people if they have any old yearbooks for sale. I can't for the life of me figure out what he does with them I can only assume he's into identity theft and if I were a better citizen I'd report him. Oh well. After the big bust goes down I'll be sure to let them interview me on the news with a big look of shock and disbelief that someone in our lovely community could do such a thing! I'll go on to say, "You know, I write a blog....called The Yard Sale I am just so saddened by this betrayal from my fellow neighbor!" Next thing you know Matt Lauer is interviewing me and my boyfriend, Mike Wolfe is calling wanting to meet me....... This could really go quite well!!! I might just have to bust out my old Cougar Cubs from 1989. I'm sure Seth Goldberg would understand. Did I mention I did purchase a great old pie case? I think I got swooped up in all the potential fame business!

I should really be on focus meds!! Back to saling... so my number five sale was a bust at first but then some DVDs caught my eye. As I was flipping through I found three of the new shit Star Wars movies that my son LOVES for a buck a piece!!! When I went to pay, the lady asked, "Well did you see these?" and then proceeded to pull out the Star Wars Trilogy STILL IN THE BOX!!!!! Sweet mother of god!!! I just made my son's Christmas complete!!!! I've looked to buy these so many times but individually they're so pricey LET ALONE THE BOX SET!!!! Oh Yard Sale Gods I bow down to you!!!! May you give me everlasting junk!!!

My sixth sale was at my friend's house. She recently sold her wares here when I had my very own yard sale but her stuff was so great I took the risk of rummaging through sloppy seconds in hopes to find that one treasure that slipped through my grasp. Turns out such a treasure didn't exist but if anyone local is reading this you need to get your ass over to Kenwood and buy, buy buy!!! (If you scroll down to prior posts she is who I bought the awesome queen quilt, Christmas tree light bulb garland, Thing 1 hat, two vintage books and vintage ornaments from. Good stuff!!!)

Ok, I've done my good friend/public service announcement for the day now on to my last sale. This one was held at the bowling alley that they have once a month. For some reason I never get excited for it but I've never left empty handed. This time I bought a cool old 'Inner Ear' school sign (that as you can see I've already put up into the kids' school room) and not one but four gigantic old movie projector reels from the old College Road Cinemas!!! They are so insanely cool but I have NO idea what the hell I'm going to do with them. I've always thought it would be cool to a Mollywood theme in my daughter's room and the reels would make a great O's but who knows. Wonder what he thought he was going to do with them??

So! Aren't you glad I'm back? Do you people even read because you like yard saling or just because you like feeling better about yourselves that at least you're less crazy than that rambling yard sale gal. Either way, I'll take it!!! Happy Holidays to ya'll and as always.....thanks for reading!!!!!

May 2012 bring us all nothing but good cheer and great finds!!!! (and may you resell those finds to me at a later yard sale!!!)

**** (The last pic is of the wall shelf from last weekend that's been through shabbitization)


  1. everlasting junk!!! good stuff!!

  2. Well i know what you could do with those big movie reels. You could sell them to your bff who has a movie themed basement, bitch! You crack me up and yes, you are nuts!!!!!!