Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Was 'Doobie'ous But Not Bad!

Ever so sound asleep you feel as though you're floating on a magic carpet with the wind gushing through you hair and although you feel exhilarated you're also in a state of total relaxation? Well, that was me at 6:20 this morning until the Doobie Brothers started screaming at me from within my alarm clock! Now I keep singing Black Water over and OVER in my head complete with the What's Happenin' scene where Rerun goes to see the Doobies live and brings a tape recorder with him but after bustin' out some of those famous Rerun moves he drops the devise on the floor and the music stops and it cuts to commercial and you think this is the end for good ol' Rerun but instead he gets a talking to from the band and all's good for Rerun, Rog, Dee and Dewayne Wayne. Mind you, every time I hear this song I mention this iconic scene from early 80's pop culture and I'm met with crickets and funny looks. Am I really the only one out there who saw this brilliant episode? Did I dream the whole thing on one of my previous magic carpet rides? Either way it was totally profound for me after school back in '82 but here in the new millennium at the crack of dawn I wanted to kick some Doobie ass (Rerun style with some knee slapping of course!)!
So, now I'm up, bouncing into door frames cause I'm still on borrowed carpet time, but up. I get ready (well, yard sale ready anyway) and go outside only to be blocked by sheets of rain that definitely weren't there 10 minutes prior. Being a freak whose mind never shuts off I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep so I went back to the world wide web in search of inside sales and low and behold there was one that looked promising. It was in a church (which you know I love) but it was pretty far out of town. This could have possibly turned me away but since I just got back from the mountains yesterday and spent a week in a world where 'local' attractions are an hour away I figured what the hell. I'm up.
So I get there and it's a moment where the angels are singing and it takes your breath away. Well, that was my first impression anyway. As I scaled the rows (and rows and rows) of the church gymnasium I realized it was not quite as heavenly as I first thought. It was pretty crowded too and a lot of 'professional' salers were there also. One freak (all pro salers are freaks except Jane and me)even had his fancy phone out and was scanning each item to see if it was worth anything. Dork! Anyway, I did score a great mirror that completes my wall of mirrors in my dining room and is up (dusty) already, an old camera that is also in it's 'primitive stage' but has already made it to my "world traveler room", ummmm......I got a Coastal Living book that will surely find a home with her cousins on my book shelf (although I haven't read yet and it's killing me!), I got 2 books (you know for The Great Sabbatical), I got a frame that is old and chippy and great but it's oval on top and a bitch to find a purpose for but I'm thinking hanging something on the wall and placing the frame around it might be good or GOOD GOD CHICKEN WIRE! Oh yes a little chicken wire behind and some clothes pins and and you've got one hell of a message board or perhaps an earring display piece! Hot diggity now I'm excited! Ok, back to the church.....I also got a scuba flag on a pole with a weight and bouy that I think will look cute in my son's room and a cheesy bench with a god-awful heart that will sell with a little paint and last but not least a needle point in a frame that's of the great state of North Carolina with all the cities marked and cutsie little pictures representing the regions. It's ok. Some fool will buy it.
Ok, so that was my morning. Looking back it wasn't so bad. I know I should write something cute and witty now but if I don't go read that decorating book in the next few seconds I could possibly spontaneously combust! You understand, right? Bye!!!

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