Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Small Crush, Two Boobies and The Ukrainian

Fiiiinnnnaaaalllllyyyyy!!!!! Yes, yes, YES!!!! Today was amazing!!!! I thought for sure the threat of rain would have me sleeping in but oh no!!!! No siree!!!! Where do I begin? How about the beginning.........So, first up was an address that I was pretty sure was my favorite saler of all time and low and behold it was. This dude has maybe 2 sales a year and he must be a auction freak because he always has soooo much cool shit. He's great on the buying end of the game but no so much with the selling end because his great stuff is really freakin cheap! He reminds me so much of Mike Wolf from American Pickers. He's kind of a hottie too (sorry, Dave, but I think I may fancy him). Well, anyway, at the sale, (note huge grin on my face) I got a huge floral painting that's in a great frame but painted a la 70's so it's a bit cheesy now but a fresh coat of paint on the frame and it's going to be fantastic! Ummm, I also got a side table, blah, blah, and an old mirror with a stupendous frame for my dining room wall of mirrors which I believe I said a few weeks ago was complete but what do you know! I can fit one more!!! And let's see...I also got a Rolling Rock statue with a horse, pretty cool and a weird Betty Boop plastic thing (????) and last but not least a great sketch of a naked (and perky) woman in a nice old frame. I would love to keep her but not sure where I could put her bosom. She'd look great in a bathroom but I think the moisture would damage the paper she's sprawled out on. I might have to keep her to make up for the crush I have on Dreamy Auction Guy. I'll know in about an hour when Hubby reads this. I'm just kidding, silly! (Or am I?)

Ok, I REALLY need to move on now! So, next up was a shit sale in a dry cleaners with nothing but kid's shit that I think they originally got from yard sales. They were unusually happy for that hour and I'm pretty sure are thinking about starting a church. Definitely a possibility. Ok, nothing there.

Next was also a house with nothing but kid's shit and the lady even called us back to look at another room of MORE kid's shit but nada there as well. Moving right along, next was a sale at another business and had really pretty paintings but the 'artist' wanted way too much for them. The one Jane picked up was still wet too and she had to shop the rest of the morning with paint all over her hands; beats some of the other funk we touch, though.

After that was a freestyle that we almost drove past but then I noticed a huge Moroccan inspired hanging lamp shade that will look superb in my daughter's room. The guy was a character too. Every other sentence out of his mouth went from a heavy Slavic language to full blown country. He had to be from the Eastern Block, though. No one except my late eccentric uncle could wear nuggets of gaudy gold around their neck except a foreigner. He also walked with a masculine sashay where he led his weight from his groin area (come on, you know mean). I'm sure he was quite the Rico Suave before he left the Ukraine. Come to think of it, I might have just the Russian friend for him!

Ok, I'll ease up on the Chatty Cathy now and get down to business. The next stop I scored a super awful plate rack that unfortunately I know will sell in a new beachy color. I got a Spider man punching bag for my lunatic son that wrestles down everyone he meets (much to my embarrassment). At another sale I got a great G Love and Special Sauce t-shirt (could be my fav of the day)!!!! Then we went to a freestyle and Jane got a great little dresser that we think would look smashing in a bathroom and I got a desk-ish thing that I could see more with coffee table books in the slot and one opened up on top in someones foyer. Not sure how I can word that when I go to sell it but I'm sure I'll think of something. And at our last stop I got a bedside, small dresser that's kind of masculine looking and I just see it in a navy for a boy's room. No, now I'm already thinking red. You know I loves me some red!!!

So, that's a wrap. I had a great freaking morning. I got stuff to sell and make some money and I got stuff for me and each of the kids even. How am I going to wait for next Saturday now? I want more, daddy! MORE!!!!! Oh well. Guess I'll go play with my fun house wall of mirrors now while wearing my new shirt. Man I live the life!

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