Saturday, March 19, 2011

Evil Jane, Holy Guidance and Another Gift from my Boyfriend

Despite Jane's best efforts to sabotage my day of saling, I made it out and what a morning I had!!! I overslept by a half hour because after coming home late last night from Jane's, I accidentally set the alarm clock for p.m. I was also up all night after she gave me a Claritin which had my heart racing as I tossed and turned! I should have suspected her evil intentions when she invited me over to watch a movie yesterday (The Fighter- LOVED it!!!) and what do you know, 'How about a glass of wine?' Normally I could not resist the urge of the spirits but a post nasal drip/sore throat combo gave me the power to 'just say no!' But could she stop there? Nooooo! She had to push her speed on me! She knows Rule #1! Just because her daughter had a soccer game this morning doesn't mean she should interfere with my good fortune! Well! Wouldn't you know, my best score was at the very school Jane's daughter goes to! Poor thing. As if her hangover wasn't enough!
So, I raced out of the house like a crazy lady. I had to skip my first sale since it was too far out of my cluster of other sales. It wouldn't have mattered though because I was still in such a fog at my first sale that I really can't even tell you what was there. Or where it was.
My next sale, I purchased something I desperately needed. A bunch of hangers! We've been so low on these lately but I refused to buy them (at full price) since I'd seen them before at previous sales and what do you know! Now if I could only buy a decent closet I'd be in business.
The sales that followed were dreadful. I went to six in a row that were a complete waste of time (and precious gas!). Then my luck changed.
It turned around when I went to a sale and they had a great old suitcase marked FREE! It was as though the Yard Sales Gods placed it there themselves as guidance to get back on my horse and continue my good work! Leaving that sale I even saw a sign for a freestyle that would turn out to be my greatest achievement of the day! St. Mary's Outreach fundraiser!
It was held in the basement and as soon as I descended the stairs I just knew! There was great shit everywhere! First I grabbed a terrific painting off the wall. Then another one! Then I got not one but two old metal fans (as I've said in a prior post, best for enhancing even the worst Darth Vader impression when spoken into the spinning blades [just not too close or your nose will be history!]). I got a lame, metal wine holder with a fish that I'll paint and perfect. I got two fantastic old shoe forms, a dated shelf where you clip on the rounded levels (see pic; can't describe), an old black door knob, a cheesy metal Woodie beach truck, a vintage Pennsylvania Dutch tray and finally a stupendous vintage pitcher with red (yes, RED) stripes!!! What a fabulous stop!!! To think it wasn't even on my list!!! Wow!
After that I almost just drove home to admire my finds but it was still early enough so back again on my horse I went. Nothing to compare to my last sale but I did get two old insulators (can a girl have enough?) and at my last stop, an old mirror. What a day! But wait! There's more! No, not a Ginsu knife or some Oxiclean but a wee little bottle that I found in my van that I bought from my boyfriend's sale a few weeks ago that must have been forgotten due to it's tiny little size. She already looks just perfect in my old printer's drawer that I have hanging in my living room displaying other wee little things that I just love but curse like a sailor at when I dare dust the shelf and it's collection of wee little crap. Luckily, that doesn't take place often.
Oh, Mighty Divine Ones! Thank you once again for leading me on such a blessed path! I shall continue to paint, shabbitize and oil to make ye proud! Amen.

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  1. I can't believe jane would do such a thing!!! she is soooo jealous!!! Love all your finds. You keep me laughing, crazy bitch!!