Saturday, March 26, 2011

Euphoria, Fine Dining and Horn Playing

Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day!!!! That's what I'm talkin' about!!!! One of my favorite yard sale days EVER!!!! It started out slow but once my momentum got going.....there was no stopping me!!

Ok, I'll try to focus and start from the beginning. Ok. Ok. Here I go. (Did I mention I had a great day?) So! As I said, my first few were just a Saturday morning tour of greater Wilmington. Nothing but crap from Walmart and kid's crap (probably also from Walmart). Three in total that were a complete waste of precious gas. Then number four turned my world around! I got a terrific multi tiered shelf with spindles that will shabbitize like you wouldn't believe!! I also got a cute old pie server with a glass base and a tin lid. Very cute!! (Have two others just like it! [and I don't even bake!!]) Umm, I also got a teenie little toy mixer with a green handle from the '40's which I used to collect but now I'm all about the red! And potentially my favorite of the sale, I got a cheesy boring stool for a dollar but I bought a similar one a few weeks ago and painted a Union Jack on the seat and then shabbized (which helped a bundle due to my painting skills) it came out great! It now lives in my dining room complete with an old English Staffordshire cup and saucer set whimsically perched on top. It looks so fancy! Do you hear that? Don't worry. It's just me tooting my own horn!

My next clump of sales were in the same neighborhood which I wasn't sure were going to be good because these folks always know what they have and aren't fooled by the seemingly homeless woman offering them singles for their precious rejects. Until today!!! I got a super cute old carry-on suitcase in aqua that even still has the insert for one's jewelery or cosmetics or heroin (hey, I don't know these people!). I got an old Avon (I believe) cookie jar in the shape of a chief (which I've bought and sold before). And finally.......drum roll please........oh I'm so excited I can barely utter the words..........finally......... after sitting at a dining room table set atop children's blocks because it was too low to slide your limbs under and the damn blocks would get kicked out somehow causing lava hot mashed potatoes to glide into the lap of my guests.............finally.............I got a new (to me) dining room table!!!!!!! But not just any dining room table! Oh no! It's a fabulous English pub table, probably from the teens (at least) with beautiful legs and two leafs that slide out from under it, making it so long even Jesus and John the Baptist would have been envious!!! I just love it so much! It was a bitch to get in the van but with some maneuvering coupled with my mastery of Tetris, it fit like a glove!! And the smell!! It made my whole van reminiscent of and old church! I still can't believe I scored it! Hell if I don't hear those horns again!! Ahhhh....(big smile)!

Well, now the van was packed to maximum capacity (for the average Joe) but on I went. The top of the table was making it difficult to put the van in drive but that just added to the excitement. Plus, I loved stiffing it so it really worked out well! I managed to also fit a small carved table, a vintage Christmas tablecloth, a hanging plate shelf, a wooden tray, an old flag, a wooden jewelery box and finally a really interesting side table that will benefit greatly from the shabbitization process!!! What a stupendous day!!!! I even went to one more sale that wouldn't be worthy of mention except one of the ladies had just pulled in with HOT Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!! Free!!!!! Is it my birthday or something? Man!! Life is good! Life is really good! Toot, toot!!!!


  1. beautiful table...awesome writing! love it as usual!!!!!

    It's just what I've been looking for.
    Remember.. Mother's Day is coming.......
    Remember.. ALL THE SACRIFICES I've made for my "baby".....
    Your Loving Mother
    (the last one didn't post from your poor old Mom)

  3. love it!! you have had many religious references in last couple of posts. maybe you could go to church with Abby!!