Saturday, April 23, 2011

HIM, Life Under a Bridge and a New Career

Even though I woke up before the alarm went off, I still had a terrible time getting out of bed. I guess with the rain yesterday and Easter tomorrow I just figured it was going to be a lousy morning......and it was.....for the most part. Luckily my #1 was just around the corner so I didn't have to sleepwalk to the van until ten to seven. The ever-so-slight-drizzle made #1 bail so off I went to #2. Normally when I see this particular address I get excited but I wasn't alert enough to make the connection. I pulled up and it was none other than my boyfriend!! And to think he just had a yard sale a few weeks ago! I don't want to come to any conclusions but I think he's having these just so he can see me. I'm pretty sure he has a thing for homeless looking women with wild, frizzy bedhead and morning breath. Dude! I'm married! Poor guy! Anyway......his sale once again did not let me down. He seriously has the best shit in town....well.....second best after myself, of course! Come on! Second, especially now that I purchased an amazing yellow handled rolling pin with carved animals in it (which as you know I collect [see pic]), a Dallu Victoria Farm Kleen Milk bottle (super duper cool!), another jar, like a ball jar with a two piece lid only this one (which I've never seen before) has Canadian Jewel on it and the lid is aluminum on the screw part but then the insert is glass and has JEWEL Canada on it (love it!), and lastly I bought a folk art painting on a piece of wood of a cat that's signed by Clementine Reynolds which I googled and apparently is worth $150! Not bad for $5!!!! Can you see now why I find him...I mean his dreamy?!
After that it all went downhill. (How could it not?). I went to four sales that all sucked. The fifth sucked too but it was in a cute old cottage under the big bridge and I've got to tell you, I completely fell in love with the deep baritone sounds the cars made as they drove overhead! I want to live under a bridge now!! I thought I was lucky to currently live on a main street with the pretty sounds of the urban waves (cars shushing) and to have previously lived by a graveyard (best neighbors in town!) but now I have a new request to add to my stunned realtor. I also LOVE the sound of driving through old covered wooden bridges (only with the slats horizontal) but that would be pushing it! And then there's slow box cars! Ahh...a girl can dream!!!
Where was I? Oh yeah, two more sales sucked then I scored a very fancy mirror just screaming to be painted and shabbitized! Probably the only thing I'm going to sell from this morning to make any money. Oh well. When Mama's happy, every body's happy!!
From there I went to four more worthless sales and was headed home when I figured I might as well go back to my favorite yard sale house just to see if he brought anything else out and sure enough I got a great old painting of trees in a great old frame that had some funk on it but it cleaned up like a champ! I've walked around my house a dozen times and can't quite find a home for it but something tells me I'll make it happen. I'm like an antiques social worker! So much talent I tell ya!!! I wear many vintage hats!

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